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> 06/18-19/2011 (AZ)
Alpha Oxy-Med's
4th Annual Bike The Bluff Omnium
Presented by The Mahoney Group

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Benefits for pre-registering online for this event:
- personalized racing number with your name;
- faster registration on race day (waivers are pre-filled and ready to sign);
- avoid registration late fees;
- fast and accurate results.

Event Websites
Bike The Bluff Official Website
(race bible available on the "Fees, Schedule & Registration" page, at left)
Two Wheel Jones Website

If you can not attend the event but would like to make a donation to support Mountain Christian School activities and help students prepare for a better future, you may make a donation by clicking the "Donate" button below. You will be directed to the Paypal website for safe payment processing.

The flyer with all details and maps are available on the
official event website.

Address of the event: Show Low Bluff, 560 S. Ridge Drive, Show Low, AZ 85901. Map it

Packet pick-up on Friday, June 17th, at Cycle Mania, located in the Old Town Plaza (100 N. White Mountain Blvd., Ste. 101 in Show Low); Saturday June 18, and Sunday June 19, at the venue indicated above.

More than $4,000 in cash and prizes (details will be provided in the race bible)
Many opportunities for riders and families to win prizes.
See race flyer for details. Cash prizes subject to participation. 


>>> Citizen and Kids Races
The following categories are open to all riders. Although not required, participants may obtain USA Cycling insurance coverage by purchasing a one-day license at packet pick-up ($5). 

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

 Category     Start Time           Distance          Entry Fee
 Citizen Women      7:12 AM        17 miles/1 lap        $37
 Citizen Men          7:12 AM        17 miles/1 lap        $37

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

 Category     Start Time           Distance          Entry Fee
 Kids Ages 6-9      11:10 AM        1.2 miles/2 laps        $10
 Kids Ages 10-12      11:10 AM        2.4 miles/4 laps        $10

>>> USA Cycling Races
Note: First time racers may enter Men Cat. 5, Women Cat. 4, Junior, and Tandem categories only (need to have USAC license, or purchase one-day license for $10).

Saturday, June 18th, 2011 (Road Race) 

 Category    Start Time         Distance    Field limit 
 Men Pro/1/2* & Men 3*      7:00 AM      74 miles/1 lap        120 
 Masters 35+/45+ (Cat. 1-4)*      7:00 AM      57 miles/1 lap        100 
 Masters 55+/65+ (Cat. 1-4)*      7:00 AM      57 miles/1 lap         75
 Tandem*      7:00 AM      57 miles/1 lap         50
 Women Pro/1/2*      7:00 AM      57 miles/1 lap         100
 Men Cat. 4      7:03 AM     51 miles/3 laps        100 
 Men Cat. 5      7:06 AM     51 miles/3 laps         50
 Women Cat.3/4      7:09 AM    34 miles/2 laps         75 
 Women Masters 30+       7:09 AM     34 miles/2 laps          75
 Junior 15-18**      7:09 AM    34 miles/2 laps         75 
 Junior 10-14**      7:12 AM     17 miles/1 lap         50 

Note: Masters 35+ and 65+ categories will become official only if 3 or more riders register in these categories before June 1st, 2011.
* All these races leave from the parking area altogether for a neutral start through town. Actual start will be given outside of town every 3 min as follows: Men Pro/1/2 & Men 3, then Masters 35+/45+, then Masters 55+/65+ & Tandems & Women Pro/1/2.
** Junior Boys and Girls race together but are scored separately. Parents of Juniors 10-14 may decide to enter the citizen races to ride with their children.

For the Omnium and Road Race (not available if one races the criterium only),
registration includes: - a T-shirt for each participant
                                 - a ticket for a pancake breakfast after the race
                                 - an opportunity drawing ticket
                                 - a ticket for the grand prize giveaway
                                 - a great goody bag

Sunday, June 19th, 2011 (Criterium) 

Category     Start Time   Duration    Field limit 
 Women Cat. 3/4 & Wm Masters 30+       7:30 AM     30 min          75 
 Juniors 10-14* & Juniors 15-18*       8:05 AM     25 min         50 
 Masters 55+/65+ (Cat. 1-4)       8:35 AM     30 min         75 
 Masters 35+/45+  (Cat. 1-4)       9:10 AM     40 min        100
 Men Cat. 5       9:55 AM      30 min          50 
 Men Cat. 4      10:30 AM     40 min        100
 Women Pro/1/2      12:00 PM     45 min        100
 Men Cat. 3       12:50 PM     45 min        100
 Men Pro/1/2       1:40 PM     60 min        100 

* Junior Boys and Girls scored separately.
Categories with the same start time race together but are scored separately. 


Entry fees (there is no payment processing fee charged to the riders). Pricing shown as before June 1st / June 1st-June 16th / on site:

Omnium:                        - Elites/Masters $65 / $80 / Not available
                                      - Juniors           $25 / $30 / Not available

Road Race (Sat. 06/18): - Elites/Masters $50 / $60 / $70
                                      - Tandems        $50 / $60 / $70
                                      - Juniors           $20 / $20 / $25

Criterium (Sun 06/19):   - Elites/Masters $30 / $35 / $40
                                      - Juniors           $10 / $10 / $15
                                      - Second race   $10 / $10 / $10

Refund policy: a $5 processing fee will be retained on all pre-registered entries who cancel prior to June 16th. Sorry, no refund after June 16th.

Additional Information
- Electronic timing by CEP Timing.
- Wheel trucks will be wheels in/wheels out.  If sufficient wheels are present in your category, wheel support will be neutral. Please bring your spare wheels.
- Feed zones are anticipated right after the finish line (all races) and on Paper Mill Rd (Men Pro1/2/3 race). Cars must park off the road in the designated parking area.
- Juniors must have a maximum development of 26 feet (7.93 m). Please check with your preferred bike shop to get this development set up before the race. All Juniors will undergo roll-out before their race to make sure their gear meets this requirement.

Contact Information
For questions regarding this event, please contact Two Wheel Jones President at (602-616-3397) or Show Low Organizer at (928-205-1031).

Sponsorship for this event is provided by

- Alpha Oxy Med - Title
- The Mahoney Group - Presenting
- Cellular One - Sleeve
- Brewer Law Office - Sleeve
- Blue Ridge Regional - Kid's race
- Cycle Mania
- Two Wheel Jones
- Frontier Communications
- Show Low Ford
- State Farm Insurance
- Black Diamond Auto Glass
- City of Show Low
- Lautz Law Group
- Ironside Engineering
- Timberline Medical

Registered participants 

Online registration is now closed. See you in Show Low for on site registration and packet pick up.

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